Entire iPhone 13 range now available to buy on Amazon Australia

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Amazon Australia's Apple Store opened for business in July this year, but without any iPhone in sight. You could buy AirPods, MacBooks, Apple Watches and more, but not the popular iOS handsets.

That's now been rectified and the entire iPhone 13 range has been added to Amazon's ever-growing catalogue – and it's all official stock on the Apple Store. So if you've been lusting after the elusive iPhone 13 Pro and annoyed by the delay in shipping, stock was available on Amazon at the time of writing.

In fact, alongside the iPhone 13 models, you can even pick up an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini, an iPhone 11 or the iPhone SE.

While Amazon debuted the Apple Store earlier this year with small discounts on the M1 MacBooks, a selection of iPads and some AirPods, there aren't any tempting discounts on the iPhone 13s. A few here and there are a dollar cheaper than Apple's own RRP – nothing to write home about.

That said, Amazon's propensity to slash prices on several popular items regularly might mean you could well snap up an iPhone 13 for less... and Boxing Day sales aren't that far away.

However, the global parts shortage is putting pressure on iPhone 13 stocks everywhere, so if you really want one, we'd recommend not waiting for a sale as there's no guarantee you'll see a discount or find the model of your choice in stock at a future date.

If you are looking for a bargain, there are some iPhone 12 models that get a small discount.

Apple iPhone 12 (64GB, White) |

Apple iPhone 12 (64GB, White) | AU$1,199 AU$999 on Amazon (save AU$200)

If you're looking for a great iPhone handset for under a grand, then don't dismiss this iPhone 12. Admittedly 64GB isn't a lot of storage these days, but if you can manage, then you're getting one very powerful handset for 17% – or AU$200 – less than RRP. 

Apple iPhone 12 (128GB, Product Red) |

Apple iPhone 12 (128GB, Product Red) | AU$1,279 AU$1,099 on Amazon (save AU$180)

If you need more storage than the above 64GB option, then consider going red. It's the only 128GB iPhone 12 model that's got a small discount of 14%. It may not seem like much, but that's one of the best prices right now on official stock.

Apple iPhone 12 (256GB) |

Apple iPhone 12 (256GB) | AU$1,449 from AU$1,149 on Amazon (save up to AU$300)

Taking it up a notch to the 256GB storage options in the iPhone 12 range and you get a couple of choices in colours. While the White version gets a 17% discount down to AU$1,199, the Black one is AU$50 cheaper at AU$1,149 (or 21% off).

iPhone 12 mini (128GB, Sierra Blue) |

iPhone 12 mini (128GB, Sierra Blue) | AU$1,079 AU$948 on Amazon (save AU$131)

Prefer the pint-sized, more pocket-friendly iPhone 12? Then you're in luck as one 128GB option drops below the AU$1,000 mark with a 12% discount. The rest of the 128GB colour options are all at full price.

For anyone on tighter budgets, different colour options of the iPhone 11 are available – none discounted though – with prices starting at AU$849, as well as the iPhone SE available from AU$679.

To take a look at the entire range of iPhones on Amazon, head to the Apple Store section on the online shopping site.

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