EE and Amazon come together to save you up to £115 on a new mobile phone deal

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There is absolutely no denying the fact, mobile phone deals are generally getting more and more expensive. That's why we can't help but get a little bit excited when we see an offer pulling prices back into the threshold of affordability. The latest contender? A collaboration between EE and Amazon UK, offering discounts of up to £115 on brand new phones. 

This so-called 'Sim and Save' offer isn't as simple as just choosing a phone and getting your money off - there is a little work needed - but it's worth it for the money you'll be saving. To get the discount you'll need to choose an EE SIM and a selected Amazon SIM-free device and combine the two.

Below we've broken the process up into the two steps - choosing your SIM and then picking which phone you want to combine it with. 

Step 1: Select your SIM only deal

The first step involves going to this EE link and choosing a SIM only deal. The options are 20GB (£21 per month), 40GB (£25 p/m) and 60GB (£30 p/m) - the more data you choose, the more money you'll get off your new phone from Amazon.

Within five days of buying one of these SIM only offers, EE says that you'll receive an email and SMS with a code which you can use to discount the price of your new phone...

Step 2: Choose your device from Amazon UK you've chosen your new SIM offer and your discount code has arrived, it is time to choose your new phone. At the bottom of Amazon's EE SIM and save page you will find all of the available devices you can choose. 

It's bad news for Apple fans as no iPhone deals are available but great news for Android, with options including Samsung's new S10 range, Huawei's top devices and the OnePlus 6T.

Once you've decided which device you want, simply go to the checkout and enter the code you've been sent to discount the price, with up to £115 off depending on what SIM you chose.

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