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Early renderings of the Google Pixel 2 emerge

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With Google’s Pixel phones just a few months old, a new leak from China is giving us an early glimpse of what the second gen variant might look like. Given that we’re still pretty far away from the release of the second-gen Pixel, we are taking this with a massive grain of salt.

Speaking about the renderings shown here, it’s noticeable that the handset is packing a glass back, reminiscent of the Google Nexus 4. The two-tone color scheme is also missing here, which would be a shame as it made the Pixel phones stand out from the crowd.

The rear panel houses a similar camera, flash, and fingerprint sensor as the predecessor. The front is showing to be packing dual-speakers on the bottom bezel, so it’s clear that the designer here is not a fan of slim front bezels. Naturally, the phone also comes with a USB Type-C port. That’s pretty much everything we can tell from these renders.

Given that the Pixel and the Pixel XL was launched in October, we expect the successor to launch at around September or October this year. We’re curious to see if Google will offer HTC the responsibility of producing the second gen Pixel handsets, much like it did in 2016.

Google took a logical step by killing off the Nexus lineup and replacing it with the Pixels. It was partly a gamble, which has paid off to some extent. The pricing, however, was a little too steep in my opinion. Perhaps the company can rectify this with the 2017 models.