Doom Eternal release date finally confirmed for Nintendo Switch – here's when it lands

Doom Eternal
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The hell-razing FPS game Doom Eternal is finally coming to Nintendo Switch on December 8, nine months after releasing on consoles and PC.

It's been a full year since we first expected the game to launch, though those of us who played the previous Doom game on Nintendo Switch expected a decent delay as Bethesda optimized the title (or de-optimized, depending on your point of view) for the lower-spec HD console.

The bloody Doom franchise's latest entry seems to have gone bigger and better compared to its 2016 refresh, even seeing the Doomslayer enter the pearly gates of heaven with his gospel of bullets and rage.

What's most interesting is that Joy-Con motion control support – something that came to the previous game on Switch through a post-launch update – is included from the outset.

That means you'll have the option of pointing, blasting, and striking the many denizens of hell through motion controls – something we think will be especially apt given Doom Eternal's use of a grappling hook, which can be thrust into enemies at a distance to allow you to propel yourself towards them. And who can resist the haptic feedback of a chainsaw as you plunge it into your enemy's chest? (We admit, this game is quite intense.)

You can see the trailer for playing Doom Eternal on Switch below:

Sales, sales, sales

As you may have noticed, there's a lot of gaming deals going on for Cyber Monday. Doom Eternal is retailing at a steady $59.99 / £49.99 on Nintendo Switch, but it's a fraction of the cost on other platforms such as PC, Xbox One, and PS5. It also may be worth buying the game for next-gen platforms such as Xbox Series X and PS5, given it will be playable on newer hardware even if buying at a current-gen price.

Take a look at Doom Eternal prices below, or check out some more Cyber Monday gaming deals for you to exploit.

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