Could Apple Glass AR specs come in a 'Steve Jobs' edition?

Image of Steve Jobs holding the first iPhone
Steve Jobs holding the first iPhone (Image credit: Apple)

After a big Apple AR Glasses leak earlier this week, we've now heard further information that suggests there may be a special edition version of the glasses at launch named after the late founder of the company.

According to Jon Prosser, a YouTube presenter who has accurately leaked Apple information in recent months, the company is working on a prototype of a Steve Jobs-titled special edition that may only be available for a limited time.

Little is known about what the glasses would be made of or how much more they would cost. The standard model is rumored to be $499 (roughly £410 / AU$765).

Prosser does say Apple may follow a similar strategy to the Apple Watch Edition, which was a high-end version of its smartwatch made with different materials. This is just a different cosmetic look for the glasses though, and there are likely to be a variety of other styles from the company as well. 

What will these look like? Prosser has apparently seen a prototype version of the glasses, and says they look "sleek as hell" with a look similar to a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses. We've yet to see any leaked imagery of the prototypes.

It's thought the tech inside the glasses will remain the same across the variety of styles, so you wouldn't likely get extra features by opting for the Steve Jobs edition. 

The look of Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses doesn't match the glasses Steve Jobs wore on stage at Apple events either, so it's likely the name isn't themed specifically around Jobs' style.

And as for a release date? According to Prosser, the company had been planning to unveil its Apple Glass tech at the iPhone 12 event in September, but the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions on the tech industry mean it may be pushed back into 2021.

Now, as exciting as this is you should take it all with a big pinch of salt, especially as Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, another source with an accurate history of Apple leaks, has called the information "complete fiction".

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That means this may be a little more complicated, and we're sure to learn more from further leaks in the future from sources such as Gurman and Prosser or perhaps a different voice entirely.

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