Is Apple selling refurbished devices directly on eBay?

Apple eBay store
An Apple, eBay collab?

It looks like Apple may have taken TechRadar's advice on how to set up an eBay store for your business, as the iPhone maker seems to have done exactly that.

What appears to be an official Apple eBay store for refurbished products first appeared in October.

Nothing on the "refurbished_outlet," as the eBay store is called, points explicitly to Apple's direct involvement, but there are several clues that suggest it.

And Apple news blog 9to5Mac claimed on Tuesday to have uncovered proof.

All signs point to Apple

According to the site, the eBay store selling "Apple certified refurbished products" is indeed directly run by Apple, and it's a trial that "could open the door to much bigger things."

The blog did not reveal the source of its certainty, but the Apple eBay store carries plenty of clues.

Apple sells refurbished products through its retail locations, and the devices on the eBay store come with all the same amenities, including a one-year warranty, new batteries in iPads and iPods, manual and cables, and refurbishment to like-new condition, including the original OS being reinstalled and devices tested and inspected by Apple.

Further, the eBay store's prices appear to match Apple's official prices for refurbished devices perfectly.

A better deal on eBay?

Though the prices on Apple's alleged eBay store may be the same as what Apple offers on refurbished products through its retail locations, buying new Macbooks or iPads on eBay may get you a better deal - as long as you don't live in California, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas or the District of Columbia.

Unlike citizens of these states, customers in the other 44 don't pay sales tax when purchasing a refurbished Apple device from the eBay store.

In addition, customers are able to use alternate forms of payment - like PayPal - that aren't available in a physical Apple store.

The alleged Apple eBay store carries almost universally positive feedback, with a score of 99.6 percent, indicating it may offer better customer service than even Apple's highly-trained in-store salespeople can.

Neither Apple nor eBay has yet commented on the mysterious Refurbished Outlet or the possibility that Apple is in fact behind it.

Via 9to5Mac

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