Apple hits 250 million iOS device sales

Apple hits 250 million iOS device sales
iOS 5 - joining the family

Apple has sold over 250 million iOS devices worldwide, the company announced at the iPhone 4S launch today.

That's a quarter of a billion iPod Touches, iPhones and


in people's pockets and bags around the world.

As well as the iOS sale-a-thon, Apple announced that its App Store is also going great guns – no surprise there – with over 500 thousand apps now available, with 140,000 of those made for the iPad.


We just can't get enough of those handy applications, it seems, having clocked up over 18 billion downloads – and still going strong with 1 billion more downloaded every month.

It was good news on the Mac front too. Apple bragged that Mac OS X Lion has been downloaded over 6 million times since it was released in July 2011.

"For the first time we've offered Mac OS as a digital download," said Tim Cook, Apple CEO, speaking at tonight's iPhone launch. "The results are staggering."


He went on to talk bullishly about the MacBook Air, saying that "Our customers love it, and our competitors are trying to copy it. The Air is just a portion of our entire lineup of Macs, which are the best we've ever shipped."

Speaking of which, he couldn't help but brag about how well the whole Mac line is doing, claiming that, "The Mac outgrew the PC market by almost 6x. This is incredible!"

It is impressive - and a nice spot of Jobsian hyperbole there, we note.

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