TechRadar Tip Off: Up to 60% off PC components, today only

Pick up this green beast and more

The TechRadar Tip Off has a whole slew of deals for you today (and right after the mountain of Super Bowl steals too) all for you build your own PC lovers.

It's common knowledge that it takes more than a couple hundred bucks to build the ultimate rig, so it's always great to get a discount.

The component deals range from a $159.99 Corsair 860 watt power supply to the pricier - but still on sale G1.Sniper 5 Gigabyte motherboard for $329.99. When compared with other e-tailers, you're saving a total of 150 just for these two purchases.

More PC parts please!

Kingston HyperX Beast 8GB

If you're looking for the last bits to make your PC complete, there are also high performance memory cards on hand from the Kingston HyperX Beast line.

Though only 8GBs each, you get two in a pack for $74.99 for a total of 16GB at 1600MHz - plus they're known for easy overclocking.

If overclocking is your thing, and you're still looking for a processor, then this Intel Core i7-4770K Quad-Core might be what you're looking for.

On sale for $289.99, this i7 processor is about $50 cheaper than its competition. The max memory size is 32GB and it has a clock speed of 3.5GHz which can be overclocked to 3.9 or higher.

Looking for a fan or two that can liquid cool and not break your bank?

Corsair has two that could do the trick: the Corsair Hydro Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H100i for only $74.99 and the less expensive $54.99 H60 - you can't go wrong with either one when it comes to quality and the best price on the 'net.