Cleer's new wireless earbuds are the cheaper Beats Fit Pro alternative you're waiting for

Female athlete wearing the Cleer Roam Sport earbuds
(Image credit: Cleer)

Cleer Audio has lifted the lid on a new pair of true wireless earbuds that could prove an affordable alternative to the Beats Fit Pro

Dubbed the Roam Sport, Cleer’s latest exercise-focused buds boast noise cancellation technology and a suite of useful features for those on the move. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of the lot further down this article, but the earbuds’ biggest attribute – their price – is worth bearing in mind as you read on.

The Roam Sport are available now in the US for $99.99 (around £90 / AU$150), which puts them at the more affordable end of the sports earbuds spectrum. The majority of the best workout headphones retail for upwards of $150 / £150 / AU$200, so a two-figure price tag positions Cleer’s latest true wireless offering in attractive territory. 

But are they any good? We haven’t been able to test the Roam Sport for ourselves just yet, but Cleer has a history getting high-scored reviews on its earbuds from us, and their on-paper specs are promising. For starters, the new earbuds are capable of blocking out up to 25dB of environmental noise – or letting a portion of it in using an AirPods Pro-esque Ambient Awareness mode – courtesy of two dynamic 5.8mm drivers. 

Those are smaller than the Beats Fit Pro’s 9.5mm drivers, but they’ll cost you half as much – the Beats Fit Pro retail for $199 / £199 / AU$299.

Male model wearing the Cleer Roam Sport earbuds

(Image credit: Cleer)

On the battery life front, things are more comparable between the Roam Sport and their more expensive competitor. You’ll get six hours (with ANC enabled) and an additional case-enabled 18 hours of listening time from the Beats Fit Pro, while Cleer’s new buds claim to offer a respectable – though not especially impressive – 20 hours combined (five with ANC enabled, then an additional 15 using their USB-C charging case).

The design of the Roam Sport earbuds is as ubiquitous as we’ve come to expect from today’s sports-focused cans. Available in black exclusively, the marble-sized earbuds come equipped with a choice of Freebit wings and ear tip sizes, and Cleer claims they won’t budge from your ears no matter how intense your workout (though we’ll be the judge in testing). 

As is customary of athlete-focused earbuds nowadays, you’ll get IPX4 sweat and water resistance with the Roam Sport, too.

Thankfully, the earbuds also boast touch pad-based gesture controls, giving you hassle-free mastery of music playback, volume, calls and your phone’s voice assistant. 

In all, then, Cleer’s latest true wireless cans bear all the hallmarks of an attractive, affordable alternative to some of the best true wireless earbuds around. They don’t quite match the Beats Fit Pro pound-for-pound on paper, but for almost half the price, the Roam Sport earbuds are certainly worth considering for those on the lookout for a new workout audio companion. 

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