Cheap electric scooter deals offer price cuts on top models across the UK

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Electric scooters are big news at the moment, with the UK launching road-legal hiring schemes in time for June 2020. While your own electric scooter won't be road-legal at that time, you'll still be able to head out on private land. That said, with much renewed interest in getting electric scooters out on the road in a legal manner, it's easy to see just how fast things are moving. That means it might be time to check out the latest price cuts on top models. These cheap electric scooter deals are bringing savings of up to £80 to some of the best scooters on the market right now, with prices starting at just £299. 

That particularly cheap sales price belongs to the Segway Ninebot ES1, with a £60 price cut it's now under £300 this week. This is a great price on one of the leading electric scooter brands, but if you want to push it even further you can also pick up the ES2 for £368.99, with a fantastic  £80 discount. If you want to meet in the middle, we've also spotted this £50 discount on the Xiaomi M365, another market leading model now available for £349.

Electric scooters have dropped considerably in price since their first tentative steps onto the market. Now that they've become more and more popular, it's possible to pick up one of the best scooters around without breaking the bank. Take advantage of this sweet spot with the latest cheap electric scooter deals below. 

If you missed out on these offers, we're expecting this year's Black Friday deals to bring more electric scooter sales as well.

Not in the UK? We're rounding up more electric scooter prices below, but be sure to check local regulations about their use on public roads in your area. 

Cheap electric scooter deals available now


Segway Ninebot ES1 electric scooter | £359.99 £299.99 at Pure Electric
If you're just getting started, this cheap electric scooter can reach speeds of 12.4mph with a 15.5 mile range. Lightweight, and with impressive shock absorption built in for the price, there's also a wide range of premium security and power saving features in here as well.


Xiaomi M365 electric scooter | £399 £349 at Laptops Direct
Increase your speed and range with the Xiaomi M365, which boosts you up to 15.5mph for a maximum 18.6 mile range. It's quick folding for easier transportation and compatible with the Mi Home app, so there's plenty of smarts inside this electric scooter. Few retailers are offering discounts on this particular model, but you can save £50 with Laptops Direct if you're fast.


Segway Ninebot ES2 electric scooter | £449.99 £368.99 at Pure Electric
A generational step up from the ES1 listed further up the page, the ES2 is on sale now for £80 off at Pure Electric. You're adding rear suspension and a more powerful motor to achieve speeds reaching 15mph at a 15.5 mile range.

Looking for more? We're rounding up the best electric scooters on the market right now while also comparing prices from all your favourite retailers on each one. If you're holding out for more sales, keep an eye on all the latest Amazon Prime Day information. 

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