Tesla is using its cars to make maps of all the world's roads


With the launch of its long-awaited Autopilot feature, Tesla also revealed that it is working on putting together maps of all the world that are better than your regular GPS - all to get ready for a future of self-driving cars.

During the launch of Autopilot, Elon Musk said he believes Tesla's fully autonomous car is three years away, according to Mashable.

In order to prepare for self-driving car tech, Tesla is using data, including GPS mapping data, collected from Tesla Model S cars that are on the road right now (or will be in the future) to develop its maps.

And Musk believes its maps will be better than most other GPS maps as the data collected can be easily shared through the cloud between each of Tesla's connected car in what Musks calls "fleet learning network."

He said that this was important as, even if there are no lanes marked on a highway, a self-driving car will still be able to identify and travel safely based on what it has learnt from other Tesla drivers.

"When one car learns something, all learn," Musk said, according to the publication, and apparently, its maps are already pretty well developed wherever there are Tesla cars already on the roads.