Garmin HUD heads to Australia

Garmin HUD
Garmin bringing the future of in-car displays and satnavs to a vehicle near you!

Garmin's Head-Up Display (HUD) smartphone navigation add-on will finally be driving its way down to Aussie cars from October for $179.

Available from Harvey Norman, Samsung Experience stores in Sydney and Melbourne, or online at, Garmin's new technology will work with your smartphone navigation app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to provide turn-by-turn directions right on your windshield.

You won't even need a whole new navigation device, just Garmin's overlay sticker placed on your windshield and a dashboard base, which also has a USB connector to recharge your phone.

You'll also need a smartphone that either has the Garmin Navigator app (subscriptions exclusive to Telstra customers) or the Navigon Mobile Navigator app found free on some Samsung smartphones.

For other Navigon users, the app will cost $69.95 for iOS, $49.95 for Android and $62.49 for Windows smartphones.

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