Capcom alters Resident Evil 3 system requirements, cutting off Windows 7 and 8.1

Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom released an official statement for Resident Evil 3 Remake concerning the game’s new system requirements for Steam.

According to the statement, after the upgrade patch is installed, players will only be able to play the Steam version of Resident Evil 3 on Windows 10, even though previously players with Windows 7 and 8.1 were able to play it before. Not only that but the DirectX and graphical requirements have also been completely changed.

According to Capcom, those who want to keep playing the current version of the title must choose the “Go Offline” option every time they boot up the game. The company also warned that once the upgrade has been applied, it cannot be restored to the previous version even through an uninstall.

Analysis: The implications of Capcom’s announcement

Players who purchase a game with DRM attached always run the risk of delisting or, as in this case, applying unwanted patches. But many accept it as a necessary part of PC gaming, especially when it comes to the benefit of often far-cheaper prices compared to console gaming.

However, Capcom’s announcement is a reminder that DRM games are not wholly yours, and can be changed or revoked at any time. And though refund policies are becoming more common, they’re not ubiquitous and can also be limited or revoked with little or no notice.

Meanwhile, a physical version of a console game with a steeper price tag comes with the knowledge that once a player purchases it, the game cannot be altered without their consent. And even digital versions are harder to augment than a PC game with DRM.

No matter your choice, it’s important to understand all the risks involved in your medium, of course.

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