Canon rumored to have two new EOS M models on the way

Despite having launched an all-new mirrorless system with the full-frame EOS R, Canon reportedly plans to continue developing its existing EOS M mirrorless series, with new cameras on the way next year.

Canonrumors reports that "at least" two further models in the line are set to arrive in 2019.

One is to replace the EOS M5, which arrived in 2016 and still has flagship status in the line. Until recently it was the only EOS M-series camera to be designed with a DSLR-style body and a centrally positioned viewfinder, although the EOS M50 that arrived earlier this year gave photographers a smaller alternative, and also brought 4K video to the line for the first time. 

The other new rumored model is set to update the EOS M6 (pictured above), which is much the same as the EOS M5 in many respects, but without an electronic viewfinder incorporated into its body. Both models are designed around 24.2MP APS-C sensors that support Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, and both updates are believed to incorporate 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

The EOS M50 was the most recent camera to be released in the series 

The EOS M50 was the most recent camera to be released in the series 

The EOS M5 and EOS M6 are now the two oldest models in the EOS M series, with the remainder of the line – namely the EOS M100 and EOS M50 (above) – having arrived within the last 18 months. The series is supported by a modest collection of EF-M optics and a handful of accessories, together with a scattering of third-party lenses from the likes of Tamron.

Since the arrival of the full-frame EOS R mirrorless camera many have wondered whether Canon would cease support for its original mirrorless system, which includes considerably fewer cameras than its competitors' ranges. The company did, however, announce the Canon EF-M 32mm F/1.4 STM lens for that system at the same time as the EOS R, suggesting that it would maintain both lines alongside each other.