Canon 63MP full-frame sensor: will this feature in the next EOS body?

Canon EOS R
Canon EOS R. Image credit: Canon/TechRadar

A leaked spec sheet suggests that Canon has developed a 63MP full-frame sensor, one that may well be employed in the company's next full-frame mirrorless camera.

The spec sheet, which appeared on Photo Rumors, claims the 35MM63MXSCD color sensor is equipped with 9740 x 6504 pixels across its respective horizontal and vertical dimensions, which equates to 63.34MP. 

The effective pixel count is said to be 9696 x 6464, which gives a total resolution of just under 63MP. 

The sheet also highlights the presence of Dual Pixel AF, which Canon has included on all of its most recent mirrorless cameras and DSLRs.

Speed or resolution?

Canon has confirmed that it's working on a professional mirrorless model, although quite how it would compare to the existing EOS R (pictured above) and EOS RP is unclear. 

While many are expecting a camera that will be fit for photographers planning on shooting the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year, this new release appears to have resolution rather than speed as a priority. 

Furthermore, given the infancy of Canon's EOS R mirrorless system, and the far stronger performance of the autofocusing system inside the three-year-old Canon EOS-1D X Mark II for sports and action, it's possible that a camera released for this audience would conform to a DSLR rather than mirrorless design.

Canon's current highest-resolution cameras are the four-year-old EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R, which each have a 50.6MP sensor. The company has mentioned in the past that it has been working on sensors with a higher resolution, although these appear to be intended for industrial and scientific applications rather than for commercially available cameras.