HD DVD camp responds to Target news

Microsoft's HD DVD drive for the XBox 360 will continue to be sold in Target stores

The HD DVD camp has responded to our story yesterday about Blu-ray players being sold in Target 's 1,500 stores across the US.

The HD DVD Promotion Group had this to say in a statement sent to Tech.co.uk this morning:

"Target will continue to carry the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive as well as HD DVD titles so we don't see much of a change in its plans to carry both formats. In fact, it will continue to sell Toshiba HD DVD players on its website. Sony appears to have bought an end cap, just as HD DVD has in retail stores such as BestBuy and Circuit City. "

End caps are high profile stands at the end of each aisle in a store. We said yesterday that Target was continuing to offer HD DVD players online. We have, however, amended our original story to include information about the Xbox 360's HD DVD drive and sale of HD DVD movies in Target stores.

A better experience

The HD DVD Promotion Group also says:

"What's important is that stand alone HD DVD players are still much more affordable than Blu-ray players, plus they offer a better experience - just compare titles appearing in both formats like 300 or Blood Diamond. Ultimately consumers will be the ones that determine what format provides the greatest value."