This bluetooth speaker lets you pair three devices to it simultaneously, and it's waterproof to boot

Roll 2

Ultimate Ears, makers of the popular Roll waterproof bluetooth speaker, has announced that a follow up called the Roll 2 is coming later this month.

We were impressed when we reviewed the original last year, and its successor looks set to improve upon its design in a couple of key areas.

New for the Roll 2 is the ability for three users to pair to a single speaker through UE's app. The feature is called Block Party, and should be helpful when listening as a group should your original party DJ go AWOL.

As well as offering an improvement in the maximum volume of sound by 15 percent, the Roll 2 also boasts an improved wireless range of 100 feet (up from 65 feet for the original).

Shower stereo

This improved range should be helpful if you're making use of the Roll 2's IPX7 waterproof rating and want to make sure your phone keeps well clear of any potential water danger.

It's IPX7 rating means that the speaker should even survive being completely submerged, but UE is careful to warn against doing so.

You may also find yourself making use of this increased range if you choose to pair two Roll 2 speakers together to listen to music in stereo. Just because you're in the shower doesn't mean you have to settle for your music in mono.

The UE Roll 2 will be available in the US and UK later this month for $99.99 (£79).

Jon Porter

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