Let there be rock: AC/DC comes to Spotify


Hells bells! Getting a dose of sweaty rock 'n' roll is now a whole lot easier, with AC/DC – everyone's favourite world-conquerin', devil-botherin' hard rock band – making their music available to stream for the first time.

The guitar-weilding luddites have long held out against the streaming tide, but with the imminent launch of Apple Music, the band have made their back cataloque available to stream on Spotify and Rdio as well as Apple's new streaming service.

AC/DC has been notorious in the past for withholding music from new formats, only allowing Apple to start selling digital albums on iTunes in 2012, prior to which the group's lead singer, Brian Johnson, claimed "iTunes is going to kill music."

For those about to stream (we salute you)

We can't help but wonder how this new move will impact sales of AC/DC's catalogue, as the group largely personifies the singles band – most albums consist of a few great tracks accompanied by a generous serving of filler.

Giving fans the option of cherry picking their favourite tracks could have a detrimental effect on album sales. In the past if you wanted "Highway to Hell" you had to pay for the entirely forgettable "Girls Got Rhythm", "Love Hungry Man" and "Night Prowler" too. No longer.

Fans have previously speculated that AC/DC's awareness of this situation is the reason the group never released a best of album, which would result in it being the only release most people would ever need.