AC/DC: "iTunes is going to kill music"

AC/DC's Black Ice available 19 October - not on iTunes
AC/DC's Black Ice available 19 October - not on iTunes

It's been well-documented that Ozzie rock granddads AC/DC have snubbed Apple's iTunes Store in their latest bid for music supremacy, by not allowing the Store to stock their latest album Black Ice in digital form.

But the long-in-the-tooth rockers showed off their Luddite nature even more this week, when, in an interview with Reuters, they warned that iTunes could well be the death of music as we know it.

"Maybe I'm just being old-fashioned, but this iTunes, God bless 'em, it's going to kill music if they're not careful," said lead singer Brian Johnson.

He continued: "It just worries me. And I'm sure they're just doing it all in the interest of making as as possible. Let's put it this way, it's certainly not for, let's get that out of the way, right away."

Black (market) Ice

His iTunes rant comes just days before the release of AC/DC's first album in eight years, Black Ice, which will only be sold in CD form.

Despite the lack of electronic release, however, MusicRadar is reporting that the return-to-form album has already been downloaded 40,000 times.

Where there's a will – or in this case, a BitTorrent – there's a way.

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