Amphion's anniversary Argon2

Amphion's new anniversary Argon2, celebrating 10 years of Finnish speakers

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amphion loudspeakers, the Finnish firm has launched a new model – the Argon2 anniversary. The company – which is renowned for its wonderfully stylish speakers – has made a number of improvements to the Argon standmount over the years, but none as significant as this anniversary model.

Krypton factor

The new celebratory two-way model will feature the same innovative titanium ribbon tweeter as developed for the company’s ‘Krypton project’. The tweeter is specially made for Amphion by Norwegian driver expert SEAS and enables the Argon2 to extend to a claimed 40kHz.

Amphion calls the new tweeter the ‘integrator’ and it’s highly likely we’ll also see the unit on forthcoming Amphion models later in the year.

To accommodate the new tweeter unit, Amphion has made adjustments to the Argon’s crossover network. It has also specified high-quality binding posts from leading connectivity specialist WBT. The compact standmount boasts a rigid baffle made from Finnish birch, which houses the new tweeter and the 6.5-inch (165mm) SEAS-made aluminum mid/bass driver. Sensitivity is rated at 86dB with an 8ohm impedance.

The special anniversary standmount will be available in a range of high-quality finishes including white, black, birch and cherry.