Apple Watch 6 may not land until October, according to leaker

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A leaker has claimed that the Apple Watch 6 – expected to launch in September alongside the iPhone 12 and other devices – won’t actually be released until October. 

Leaker @L0vetodream tweeted the claim (below), but notably didn’t mention other products we expect to be released in September, like the iPhone 12 and potentially a new iPad Air

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That’s a bolder prediction given other rumors and leaks asserting that the Apple Watch 6 will come out in September – specifically on September 8, a date that leaker Jon Prosser reiterated would be a likely date for an Apple launch.

Of course, anything can change in the time since these leakers’ info was relevant, and it’s not clear how much the coronavirus outbreak may have impacted production or supply lines for the Apple Watch 6.

Apple Watch 6 – still uncovering potential features

We’re continuing to see new potential features crop up weeks before the Apple Watch 6 may be revealed. A patent filing has surfaced that suggests future Apple wearables could get Touch ID, gesture tracking, and other perks – but given it was filed in early 2019, it’s possible these will be Apple Watch 6 features.

We’ve seen other rumors supporting the idea of touch-based biometrics, and even temperature tracking, but we’re hearing most about adding blood oxygen level tracking – a feature that’s appeared in this year’s wearables like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Withings ScanWatch.

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