Apple TV 4K is listed on Amazon after set-top box's two-year banishment [Update]

Update: And just like that, the Apple TV 4K listing appears to have been pulled. Going to the previously active Amazon link takes you to a landing page that reads, "Sorry we couldn't find that page." There's also a link to the Dogs of Amazon page, which we're very OK with.

Perhaps the switch was flipped too early for the Apple TV listing ahead of the Prime Video app release. Chances are, Amazon will reactivate the page before long. Or you can see who is selling the new box over on our Apple TV 4K deals page.

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No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Today, an Apple TV 4K listing appeared on Amazon, marking the first time the online retailer has shown an Apple set-top box in two years. 

Though it's currently listed as out of stock [update: and now completely gone], Apple TV 4K's status will likely switch to available soon. We only spotted an Apple TV 4K listing on Amazon US; no such listing appeared on Amazon UK.

The Apple TV 4K listing before the page was deactivated

The Apple TV 4K listing before the page was deactivated

Amazon infamously pulled the Apple TV off its virtual store shelves in 2015, along with the Google Chromecast. Amazon, as you probably know, has its own TV hardware, namely the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Today's re-listing is almost certainly related to the imminent launch of the Prime Video app on the Apple TV, which the iPhone maker announced would arrive on its device later this year.

The Apple TV 4K went on sale this past Friday with a price of $179 / £179 / AU$249 for the 32GB version. Of note, Amazon listed the more expensive 64GB Apple TV 4K.

No matter the reason for the Apple TV's (short) return, this a major shift in Amazon and Apple relations. Will we see a similar thawing of the ice for Google, which, as Engadget points out, doesn't have Prime Video app for its Chromecast line? We doubt it.

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