Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch – and crossplay is confirmed

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: EA)

First-person battle royale shooter Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam, it's been announced by Respawn Entertainment during its EA Play Live stream. It's coming to both platforms this 'fall' (September through November). 

Apex Legends Crossplay will be added, too, uniting the player bases across the current and future platforms: PS4, Xbox One, or PC (and eventually Nintendo Switch). PC players on Origin can enjoy the game with those on Steam, too.

The newest Apex Legends season 5 event was announced, as well, which is called Lost Treasures, coming on June 23. A new limited-time event will focus on Crypto, introducing a drone that players can use to revive other players. Here's a trailer for that:

Apex Legends has reached over 70 million players to date, according to EA, and is free-to-play on all formats. Nintendo Switch owners are in for a treat. Hopefully this means Respawn can link up the formats, too, so players only need to buy the battle pass on a single platform. That's just wishful thinking until we learn more, though.

No more specific release date was given for each version other than fall of this year. 

Samuel Roberts

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