Android P will mark the end of Samsung’s native Movie Maker app

Enjoy editing footage on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S9? You might want to start looking for an alternative, as the company’s very own Movie Maker app will be discontinued once Android P arrives.

Samsung offered no reason as to why it’s deciding to can its app, which currently offers more versatility in its editing tools than Google Photos. The news was discovered by APK Mirror via a pop-up window, noting the app will be removed once the update to Android P comes along for Samsung's phones.

The biggest potential thorn in this development is that, once triggered, updating your phone to Android P will completely erase any projects you had stored. You have time. Given that only a few of Samsung’s devices appear to be receiving their Android Oreo updates, folks likely have the better part of a year to prepare for the shift.

Will there be a replacement?

A handy video editor is one of those things that you don’t realize is missing until you need it – and it’s not there. It’s possible that Samsung has a more robust replacement in development that it’s planning to seed out once the next version of Android takes hold of its family of phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and others.

If not, then it looks like the Samsung Experience overlay (formerly known as TouchWiz) might rely more heavily on Google services. Perhaps, streamlining its own app offering will make the jump from Android Oreo to Android P faster and easier, though all we can do is wait and see – and hope that Samsung has its camera-centric fans covered on the software front.

Via Android Police

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