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Android P may be called Android Pistachio

Google is unlikely to reveal the final name for its Android P update until late August, but we may have just seen the official moniker for the software leak out in a Huawei live chat session. Prepare yourself for Android Pistachio.

Polish site Tabletowo is reporting that a conversation with one of Huawei's local live chat representatives saw the employee potentially spill the beans on Google's next sweet-treat name - although it'll be the least sweet of the bunch if true.

A conversation from a Huawei owner simply asking about future updates for the Huawei P9 Lite lead to the chat operative typing "Android Pistachio" in a message - although they could have just made a mistake.

The Android Pistachio name can be seen in the third screenshot (credit: Igor K via Tabletowo) (Image credit: tabletowo)

Nuts on ice?

The name could well get sweeter though, as other rumors suggest that Google may actually opt for Android Pistachio Ice Cream as the full name for version 9.0 of its mobile platform.

For now, you'll need to take all of this with a pinch of salt, but official confirmation should only be around a month away, as Google confirmed the Oreo name on August 21 last year.

Via Slash Gear