AMD vs Nvidia GPU price war is about to get nasty (and that’s good news for us)

Nvidia graphics card rendering
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia’s RTX 3000 graphics cards may see further price reductions as August rumbles onwards, or that’s the latest gossip from the grapevine.

As VideoCardz noticed, this theory was aired by a Chinese source (ZOL, via MyDrivers), and the belief is that Nvidia’s price cutting is going to continue – and indeed that in a couple of weeks, we’ll witness deeper discounts to shift Ampere stock.

The story at ZOL – add your own skepticism to all this, liberally – is that price cuts will get “more aggressive” at the end of August, and not just for Nvidia, but also AMD. The claim is that Team Green will make larger price cuts than AMD in an attempt to further stoke RTX 3000 sales to a greater extent than RX 6000 (Nvidia’s GPUs are already a lot more popular anyway, mind you, in the current climate).

It isn’t clear exactly which models Nvidia could reduce asking prices for, but we can count on higher-end GPUs being driven down in price, as has already happened – just look at the whopping discount recently witnessed on the flagship RTX 3090 Ti, for example.

The hope is that pricing will be eased for more affordable Ampere graphics cards, too, such as the RTX 3060 and 3070; meaningful price cuts in this range could mean some serious bargains could be there for the taking (finally).

Analysis: Wait and see is our advice (again)

While we have to be careful about the source here – more so than the usual nuggets from the rumor mill – we’re slightly more willing to allow some further benefit of the doubt given that this obviously aligns with what’s already been happening, and what’s widely predicted for Nvidia GPU pricing in the near future.

It’d hardly be any surprise given the consistent rumors which have been coming through regarding Nvidia’s excess stock of RTX 3000 graphics cards, and having to balance helping partners clear that inventory with deciding on the timeframe for the next-gen GPU launch (push out RTX 4000 too quickly, and that’ll further depress sales which are already problematic, as we’ve seen, due to the crypto crash and cost of living crisis).

What’s particularly interesting here is the prospect of AMD engaging in similar price cutting, and that this could become a battle of discounting to sell off current-gen products ahead of the launch of their successors.

We were already advising folks to wait for bigger price drops to come through from Nvidia, anyway, and this chatter from the grapevine just underlines that even more firmly. It’s certainly worth holding out for a few weeks to see where price movements go with Nvidia’s graphics cards – and indeed AMD’s – and find out how much truth there is to rumors of larger drops. Because after all, what have you got to lose, really, by not buying right now, and just waiting a little while? Not much, we’d suggest, while you could have a lot to gain in terms of potential savings.

There’s also the possibility that with this kind of speculation making itself consistently felt in the GPU world, more pronounced price drops will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as more folks wait, and there’s a greater need to stimulate flagging sales as a result.

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