AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs listed at retailer, suggesting launch could be soon

An AMD Ryzen Processor
(Image credit: Future)

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors have been spotted online, with product listings popping up at a Canadian retailer.

One of the crew of regular hardware leakers on Twitter, @momomo_us, flagged up the CPUs which are listed at retailer PC Canada.

The initial Zen 4 processors to be seen at the retailer would seem to match the chatter from the rumor mill, which predicted the Ryzen 9 7950X and 7900X, plus the 7700X and 7600X would go on sale first. And those are the models which are now available for pre-order at PC Canada, but still, we need to regard this with caution (the retailer could just be making things up based on current speculation, to grab a bit of publicity, for all we know).

If you recall with its current-gen CPUs, AMD released the same models first, but with one key difference – we got the 5800X, not 5700X (that didn’t arrive until much later). Launching with the 7700X off the bat would be a good thing for consumers who are looking for a more affordable 8-core processor.

Seeing these Ryzen 7000 chips appear now is theoretically a good sign that the rumored September 15 date for the next-gen processors to be on shelves is looking on target. We’d normally expect these kind of instances of retailers jumping the gun to occur in the month running up to launch. (Note that we should see a reveal event before then, in fact, the grapevine contends that Zen 4 will be unveiled on August 29, which is only a couple of weeks away now).

 Analysis: So what about those prices?

There’s one other thing to discuss here apart from the Ryzen 7000 models which are purportedly about to be sprung on us, and that is, of course, their pricing. As always with these kind of leaks, the pricing may be awry, and it’s very likely that these are placeholder price tags – just guesses, in other words. AMD may not have settled on final price points itself at this stage, after all.

Furthermore, these are CPUs being sold without a cooler (not boxed, and intended for PC builders to use), and what’s more, even then the prices have changed since the leak was originally spotted by Wccftech. All of which is to say that we’d just ignore the prices given here for the most part.

If we look at the price tags (at the time of writing) comparatively to Ryzen 5000 models, and compare the most expensive 7950X to the most affordable 7600X, then the pricing ratio between flagship and mid-range is actually pretty much what you’d expect relative to current-gen products. In other words, the same kind of pricing looks to be maintained throughout the range for Ryzen 7000 as Ryzen 5000, so not much will change in theory.

This would appear to go against the recent rumor that the 7950X and 7900X are going to be more expensive than their Ryzen 5000 counterparts, but in all honesty, we really wouldn’t read much into this. Mind you, the speculation about high-end CPUs for Zen 4 being pricier is just a rumor, too, so should also be regarded with a hefty amount of skepticism.

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