AMD could be struggling to keep up with Ryzen 4000 demand

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AMD is suffering a shortage of Ryzen 4000 ‘Renoir’ APUs, according to gaming laptop and desktop maker XMG.

In a surprisingly candid Reddit post, XMG suggested that AMD is struggling to keep up with demand for its desktop APUs after revealing that a shipment of Ryzen 7 4800H units it had scheduled for delivery in mid-August has been delayed.

"On July 31 we received an announcement from our ODM that we are facing a serious CPU shortage from AMD in Q3 2020," the Reddit post reads

"Large orders that have recently been confirmed to be shipped from our ODM in the middle and end of August are now supposed to be delayed until the end of September."

XMG attributes the shortage to TSMC's tight 7nm supply and the popularity of AMD's latest Zen 2 processors with all laptop manufacturers, which suggests that XMG will unlikely be the only manufacturer affected. 

"Upon receiving this news on Friday (July 31), we reached out o our corporate contacts in AMD who confirmed that this is an industry-wide shortage and there is no way around it.”

XMG has said that customers who have ordered Ryzen 7 4800H-powered laptops can opt to replace with with the Ryzen 5 4600G and receive €100 in compensation. The other alternative is to replace the out-of-stock CPU with an Intel Core i7-10750H at no additional cost, despite the CPU retailing for an additional €100. 

It seems XMG thinks this might be the best option, as the company is keen to point out the advantages of Intel over AMD, such as "more PCIe lanes for the GPU", "better iGPU driver support' and, according to the company, "better gaming performance." 

“Intel's single-core performance still has the upper edge in some benchmarks and this can have a positive effect on gaming performance in games that are not fully optimized for multi-core yet," XMG states. 

We've reached out to AMD for comment, and will update this story as soon as we hear back.

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