You can now sync Amazon Prime movies with your friends – with Hulu and Disney Plus to follow

Rave (Image credit: Rave)

You'll have probably heard of Netflix Party – a Google Chrome browser add-on that lets you sync up playback of Netflix shows while chatting in a side-pane with your friends and family. If you're looking for similar features in other TV streaming services, though, the social streaming app Rave may have the solution.

We first reported on Rave back in 2019, as a smartphone app able to sync Netflix watching over mobile with in-app chat functions – but it's now got Amazon Prime Video integration, meaning you can sync up Good Omens, Parks and Rec, or whatever Amazon Prime shows you're keen on watching too.

What's more, Rave is also set to get Disney Plus and Hulu – according to a press release we received from the company – though there's currently no date given for those respective launches.

We're told, though, that usage of Rave has jumped up tenfold since March – hardly surprising, given it's around the time many Western countries entered lockdown – and it's clear many viewers will be looking for solutions for staying in touch with their friends in more fun and dynamic ways than the the occasional Zoom meeting.

Platform problems

The major downside to Rave in the past has been its platform limitations, as the app is only available on iOS and Android smartphones. Obviously, many phones and tablets actually offer a decent display for watching TV these days, but it's not quite the same as kicking back in front of a TV, or even a laptop screen.

That is set to change, though, with Rave "coming soon to Mac and PC" – which should help it compete with the likes of the Netflix Party browser add-on, or the Mac-enabled Houseparty app.

If you're keen to make use of Rave's new Amazon Prime Video functions, too, here are the best Amazon Prime shows and Amazon Prime movies to start with.

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