Eggs and Echos: Amazon Echo speakers are on sale at Whole Foods stores

Amazon now officially owns Whole Foods, and to mark the acquisition not only is the online retailer dropping prices on food items, it's also selling its hardware at discounted prices in some stores. 

Shoppers have spotted Amazon Echo speakers on sale in select Whole Foods locations, as reported by TechCrunch. Right next to the produce, natch.

Whole Foods is selling the flagship Amazon Echo and smaller Amazon Echo Dot for $99.99 and $45.99, respectively. Those are $80 and $5 price drops, respectively, from the speakers' everyday US prices. 

But Amazon Echo prices aren't just lower in brick-and-mortar Whole Foods locations; Amazon has also reduced the speakers' online prices to match. 

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If it makes any difference, the speakers are marked as 'Farm Fresh.' Ha.

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The in-store signage also has a 'Whole Foods Market + Amazon' logo on it, marking the companies' merger and pointing to future benefits to come. 

These include giving Amazon Prime members special savings and other perks when they shop at Whole Foods, plus further price reductions for all shoppers.

Amazon is giving customers a taste of what its tenure as Whole Foods owner will look like by putting its hardware in stores. What's more, it's likely selling off inventory in preparation of a rumored Amazon Echo 2 launch later this year. 

Whatever Amazon has up its sleeve, you can bet it's not done putting the Amazon Echo front and center in its supermarkets. Not by a long shot.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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