Amazon Echo Flex deal drops mini Alexa-equipped device to under £14

"A mini marvel" is how we described the Amazon Echo Flex, the tiny speaker-equipped device from the mega retailer. This week, the Echo Flex is just £13.99 on Amazon as part of the Prime Day deals. If you're a Prime member, then, you can save £11 on each device, and extend Alexa throughout your home without spending much at all.

So, what can the Echo Flex do? Well, while the device's audio quality isn't sufficient for it to be your main smart speaker, you can set up the Flex in any room in your house then use it to control your smart home, turning on lights, activating your robot vacuum, or anything else that's compatible. You can also connect the device to external speakers via Bluetooth to play music, if you wish, as it's compatible with Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

It's also got a USB port, so you can use the device to charge your smartphone. An array of accessories are also available, including a Smart Clock For Echo Flex, also available at Amazon – chances are, if you already have Alexa device in your home, you'll have no trouble finding some extra use from the Flex. 

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Amazon Echo Flex Prime Day deal

Amazon Echo Flex voice control device: £24.99£13.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Flex voice control device: £24.99 £13.99 at Amazon
Get the Alexa voice assistant around your home with this mini speaker-equipped device. Just plug it in, and you can use Alexa's functionality in any room you want – you can even customise it with third-party accessories if desired, like a nightlight. 

This is just one of an array of Amazon Prime Day Echo deals – so if you're looking for more full-featured smart speakers, you'll have no trouble tracking them down at a decent price. Expect these deals to end when Amazon Prime Day does, at the close of October 14. 

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