Alpina AlpinerX hybrid adventure watch will soon come in four new colors

Image Credit: TechRadar

One of the most interesting tech announcements at Baselworld 2018 was the Alpina AlpinerX hybrid adventure smartwatch, and the company has just unveiled four new designs of the same watch at 2019's show.

Rather than launching a whole new watch, the company has decided to make the original watch available in new colors.

Set to go on sale later in 2019, the four new designs of the watch were picked by Kickstarter Community Members. That's where the original watch was initially crowdfunded before being sold by Alpina.

The new color designs include a navy blue with the same color leather strap. There is also a version with a black body and a black leather strap with white stitching.

Another comes with a silver bezel and a black body paired with a light brown strap - that's pictured at the top of this story. The final variant comes with that same silver bezel and black body combination, but it features a black rubber strap.

The companion app for iOS and Android devices has also been updated with slight changes to the design and further stats provided.

The new designs of the AlpinaX are set to launch at $995 (around £750, AU$1,400) which is the same price as the original watch. We don't currently know where you'll be able to buy the new models, but we should learn more about that soon.

As well as step tracking and heart rate monitoring, the AlpinerX comes with lots of features adventure seekers will love including a UV indicator, connected GPS, a barometer, altitude monitoring and a compass.

James Peckham

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