Aldi Special Buys: snag AU$500 off one of our favourite robovacs next week

Robot vacuum cleaning floor
(Image credit: Ecovacs)

It’s not uncommon for robot vacuum cleaners to retail upwards of AU$500, with some high-end models reaching as far as the four-figure mark. That’s why next week’s Aldi Special Buys on a household autonomous droid is such a cracking deal.

On Wednesday, March 10, you’ll be able to snap up an Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 from Aldi for just AU$399 – that’s a huge AU$500 saving off its retail price of AU$899, and the lowest price we’ve seen on the droid to date.

As far as robot vacuums go, the Deebot Ozmo 920 has a wide feature set. It’s a dual-function droid that will not only suck up dust and debris from your carpets and hard floors, it’ll also mop up after itself as well.

The robovac also can detect when it’s on carpet and will increase its suction when it senses it. That detection also helps it avoid your carpets while it’s in mopping mode, so you’ll only get water where it’s meant to be – just like the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 that we reviewed and liked.

Ecovacs says that the Deebot Ozmo 920 has a battery life of up to 110 minutes, so it should do well in larger homes. Unlike cheaper models, it’ll also map your home to ensure it gets the entire job done, and if you live in a multi-level home, you have the option to store multiple floor maps.

Those maps (accessible through the Ecovacs app) can be customised as well – you can create virtual boundaries to stop the droid from going into certain areas, or select a certain space you want thoroughly cleaned.

If you’d like to put your feet up while your floors get cleaned, be on the lookout for Aldi Special Buys available next Wednesday, March 10. These deals are only available in-store and while stocks last.

Jasmine Gearie
Ecommerce Editor

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