After a cheap fitness tracker? The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C may be the Redmi Band in disguise

The Redmi Band that was announced in China last month (Image credit: Xiaomi)

Looking for a new cheap fitness tracker? You may want to wait for this one to be announced; the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C has been spotted and it looks like it'll be coming to the west before the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

We've heard about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C before, but Xiaomi fan blog Xiaomishka has spotted a listing that suggests the model number is the same as the previously unveiled Redmi Band.

Announced in China earlier this month, the Redmi Band is a device made by Xiaomi, but it features a slightly different brand name. The fact the model number is the same here suggests that Xiaomi may rename the product with its own branding for its western release.

Although this has yet to be confirmed by Xiaomi, it would make sense for the company to rebrand the fitness tracker for those in the west. The Xiaomi Mi Band range is popular in markets like the US and UK, so it'll have more traction under the name Mi Band 4C.

This is even lower-spec than the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, but it's expected to have a lower price tag than that product. It features a 1.08-inch, 128 x 220 color screen, and it also comes with a heart rate monitor.

Xiaomi estimates that the Mi Band will come with 14 days battery life, and it's capable of tracking a variety of different sports. You won't get NFC on this product, and there's no GPS either.

All of this is rumored for now, but we're excited to hear directly from Xiaomi what it plans to do for the worldwide release of the Redmi Band. We don't yet know when we'll hear about it from Xiaomi.

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