A foldable iPhone may land in 2022, and it could replace the iPad mini

iPad Mini 2019
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A foldable iPhone has been expected ever since phone manufacturers started experimenting with bendy screen technology and a new report suggests it may be here in 2022.

A website called The Verifier supplies this information, and it also suggests that it will replace the iPad mini in the company's lineup of devices. That tablet has a 7.9-inch screen, which may be a similar size to the foldable iPhone.

According to this leak, the company will be selling the device for $1,499 (around £1,100 / AU$2,100). That's not a huge surprise considering that is a similar price to products like the Motorola Razr or a little less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The Verifier's sources also says the device will come with 256GB of storage as standard - a popular storage size for Apple products - with 8GB of RAM onboard. There has yet to be any other spec provided by leaks.

Take this information with a pinch of salt considering The Verifier has around a 50% accuracy record, according to Apple Track, when it comes to Apple leaks but the website has shared correct information in the past.

That said, it's rare we'll see a product like this leak out so far ahead of time so this may be subject to change within the company itself or it may be downright false.

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