8 new TV shows and movies on Netflix, HBO Max and more streamers this weekend

New on Netflix this weekend
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Want something to watch on Netflix and other streamers this weekend? It's not the busiest week for new releases, but there are a bunch of highlights worth picking out. The White Tiger is an acclaimed new movie from Netflix, and probably the pick of its originals to add to your watch list over the coming days. But that's not all that's available right now. 

In the world of US network TV, a whole host of shows just started up, as productions finally catch up on the pandemic-related delays that pushed premiere dates back from last year to 2021. They include the second season of DC Comics drama Batwoman and a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger that someone, somewhere must've asked for. 

Here are the highlights of what you can stream this weekend, and how you can watch them in the US and the UK, wherever possible.

The White Tiger (Netflix)

Netflix promised at least one new original movie every single week in 2021, and while the result isn't always something we love (last weekend's robot-heavy sci-fi thriller Outside the Wire didn't do much for us), it sure makes the subscription fee feel worthwhile. 

This week's big movie is an adaptation of the 2008 novel The White Tiger, which is about a man from a poor background in modern day India who becomes a driver for a couple of rich jerks, while attempting to forge his own journey to financial success. One incident, however, will soon change the course of his life. Expect extremely dark twists in this acclaimed film, which stars Adarsh Gourav and Priyanka Chopra. 

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

A massive anime has landed on Netflix this weekend. Demon Slayer is a show that became so big, it spawned a sequel movie that went on to be Japan's highest-grossing film of all time at the box office. The series has already streamed on the likes of Crunchyroll and Funimation in the US, but here's another way to catch it. Demon Slayer is about a young man whose parents are killed – he travels with his sister, suffering from a curse, in search of vengeance. It's based on a manga aimed at younger male readers, so don't expect it to get too gritty. The animation, though, is terrific – you can see why it's resonated with viewers.

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Gomorrah season 3 (HBO Max)

The big news around HBO Max is that it's the controversial home of blockbuster movies this year. But despite Christopher Nolan not being a fan, the service is quietly pretty great. It's the place you can watch every HBO original ever made, as well as an outrageously good library of movies and old TV shows. Now, it's the home to acclaimed Italian crime drama Gomorrah, a terrific series about the tensions between crime families in Naples. Worth checking out if you think you've exhausted every prestige drama on your watch list.

Gomorrah is a long-time staple for UK viewers, with every episode already available on Sky and Now TV.

Now streaming on HBO Max and Sky

Walker (The CW)

This week saw the return of many of The CW's shows to the air after an extended absence. But if you're not interested in teen fodder like Riverdale, one of its odder punts is a new version of corny '90s Chuck Norris crime show Walker, Texas Ranger. It stars handsome Supernatural boy Jared Padalecki, coming straight off that show's finale. Padalecki plays Cordell Walker, who's been working undercover, and is now back in his home of Austin, Texas to deal with crime there. 

Critical reception stands at 18% positive on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing. Ouch! This one doesn't have a UK broadcaster yet, but surely it's only a matter of time.

Now streaming on The CW app and website

Batwoman season 2 (The CW)

Batwoman actress Ruby Rose left the superhero show after one season, which would be a death sentence for many series. The Batwoman producers took it in their stride, however, and found a new star in Javicia Leslie, playing a new iteration of the character called Ryan Wilder while surrounded by largely the same ensemble cast. Critics have mostly been warm to the change.

Batwoman season 2 began airing on The CW during the last week, and in the UK, it's expected to air at some point on E4 later in 2021.

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WandaVision episode 3 (Disney Plus)

WandaVision episode 3

(Image credit: Marvel/DIsney)

MCU fans probably don't need to be told to tune in to the third episode of WandaVision, but it's worth spotlighting anyway. If you thought the first two episodes of this sitcom-like offbeat MCU show were lacking a little when it came to answers about what's actually going on with Wanda and Vision, this one sheds a little more light. This week's sitcom riff has already reached the color age of the '70s. Still, you'll have to wait a little longer for proper answers to what's really going on in this cool new show.

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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 2 (Netflix)

Jurassic World's animated TV show spin-off has returned for another set of episodes. It's about a group of young campers who take a trip to Jurassic World, when – no way! – dinosaurs break out and are on the loose. We don't love the look of the animation, but big-time fans of anything related to the Spielberg franchise might get a kick out of it, and it's deliberately targeted at younger audiences anyway.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks (Amazon Prime Video)

If you're in the US, you already had the chance to watch Star Trek adult animated comedy series Lower Decks back in 2020. Now, anyone who has Amazon Prime Video outside the US can finally give the show – which got okay reviews at release – a thorough look. 

As the name suggests, it's about the crew manning the lower decks of the USS Cerritos, with the voice cast including a few notable names like The Boys' Jack Quaid and Jerry O'Connell. Might be one for Trek diehards to check out, or anyone who's already burned through Netflix's library of animated shows.

Now streaming on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime Video

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