7 new movies and TV shows on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and more this weekend

New on Netflix this weekend
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Paramount Plus might have launched this week in the US, but all the most exciting shows and movies are streaming elsewhere this weekend. Below, we've picked out seven highlights you can stream on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime over the coming days, to help you find (mostly) wholesome ways to invest your spare time. 

With WandaVision wrapped up, Disney Plus has dropped another new movie through Premier Access with Raya and the Last Dragon. Meanwhile, if you’re yearning for a sense of mystery, true crime docuseries Murder Among the Mormons from Netflix could scratch that itch for you.

Here's what you can watch this weekend, and where you can stream them in the US and the UK. Check out our best Netflix movies list for more recommendations, too. 

Raya and the Last Dragon (Disney Plus) 

We've reviewed Disney's latest big animated release, and we were mostly impressed. Set in the fictional world of Kumandra, Raya is on a quest to bring peace to her land and stop the rise of the Druun, who threaten all humanity. Along the way, she’ll learn that they need more than dragon magic to save everyone.

Starring Kelly Marie Tran as the title character and Awkwafina as the Sisu the dragon, you can watch Raya and the Last Dragon now with Premier Access – meaning you’ll need to pay $29.99 (£19.99 / AU$34.99) on top of your regular subscription.

Now streaming on Disney Plus

Pacific Rim: The Black (Netflix)

If you were particularly fond of the two Pacific Rim movies' Kaiju-bashing action, consider checking this Australia-set animated series that just debuted on Netflix. Expect something slightly less goofy and more apocalyptic than the movies – but the animation looks pretty solid, and critics mostly like it so far. In this series, Kaiju dominate the country, and two teenagers take to a giant Jager in order to survive. 

Now streaming on Netflix

 Murder Among the Mormons (Netflix) 

For you true crime fans out there, why not try this new three-part series from Netflix? The series examines Mark Hofmann, a prolific forger who conned the Mormon church out of thousands of dollars, and whose crimes were exposed after he murdered two people with explosive devices. You might be burned out on the tropes of true crime by now, but Netflix tends to do a solid job with these series, and they remain unbelievably popular. 

Now streaming on Netflix

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests (HBO Max)

You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test, the questionnaire that labels you with one of 16 personality types like INTP or ESFJ. This documentary examines the Myers-Briggs system of categorizing people and, unsurprisingly based on the title, explores the ways that personality tests are having a negative effect on people’s lives today. 

We're not sure when it'll release in the UK, but HBO Max subscribers can enjoy it now.

Now streaming on HBO Max

Coming 2 America (Amazon Prime)

In this long, long-awaited sequel to the 1988 film Coming to America, Eddie Murphy is back as the soon-to-be-king of Zamunda, Akeem Joffer, and is once again headed to Queens, this time to find his lost heir. Alongside Arsenio Hall as Semmi – as well as much of the cast of the original – this is one for those who want to feel a little nostalgia this weekend and have missed Murphy’s style of comedy lately. Critical reception is mixed on this one, but hey, it might be worth a look if your watch list is looking empty. 

Now streaming on Amazon Prime

Moxie (Netflix) 

Inspired by her mom’s rebellious past and fired up by the sexist status quo at her high school, Vivian Carter fights back with an anonymous zine called Moxie in this movie from director and co-star Amy Poehler. This new Netflix movie is based on a book, and seems to have a strong moral core to it – plus critics have mostly been positive on it so far, and Poehler always offers an affable presence. 

Now streaming on Netflix

Boss Level (Hulu) 

If you’re a sucker for Groundhog Day-style time loop films, you might want to check this out over the weekend. Roy Pulver – played by Frank Grillo, most easily recognized from his MCU appearances – is a retired special forces soldier who’s stuck in a time loop on the day of his murder. Critics might be mixed when it comes to this one, but action fans will find something to love with this video game-esque take on a well-worn sub-genre.

Hulu subscribers in the US can watch this now, but we're not sure when it'll land in the UK.

Now streaming on Hulu

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