Essential tech projects for the weekend

Essential tech projects for the weekend

The weekend is here, and if you're lucky enough to have a bit of spare time, then check out the best projects for improving the technology in your home.

From taking fantastic photos, to trying Linux or watching Glastonbury 2016, we've got the best guides and how tos to help you get the most out of the gadgets you own.

Watch Glastonbury 2016

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One of the world's biggest music festivals is taking place this weekend in the UK. If you want to catch big names such as Coldplay and Adele, but you don't have a ticket, then check out our guide on how to watch Glastonbury 2016.

Impress your Facebook friends with 360 degree photos

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Make your Facebook profile really stand out by using Facebook's new 360 degree photo feature. In our how to take 360 degree photos and upload them to Facebook guide we'll show you everything you need to get started taking immersive photographs to wow your friends.

Install Ubuntu in under 4 minutes

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Sick of Windows? Why not try switching to Ubuntu – the popular and easy to use version of Linux? It's free yet also powerful and flexible. It's light enough to run well on older machines and it's not as complicated to install as you may think.

In our Ubuntu: Quick install guide we show you how you can quickly load up Ubuntu to give it a try – without affecting your Windows installation.

Add lens flare to a portrait

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If you're struggling to think of ways to liven up your portrait photography, then check out our guide on how to add lens flare to a portrait to find out how to make stunning photographs using the glare of bright lights.

Prevent screen-time eyestrain with f.lux

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Using computer monitors at night can lead to eye strain and can also prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

By using the f.lux app, you can automatically adjust the brightness and hue of your monitor, which will help you get a good night's sleep, as well as prevent eye strain.

To see how to use it, visit our guide on how to prevent screen-time eyestrain with f.lux.

Fall in love with Spotify again

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Many of us use the excellent music streaming service Spotify, but are we really using it to its full potential?

In our updated 21 Spotify tips and tricks guide, we look at some of the cool hidden features that make listening to your favourite music – and discovering new bands – easier than ever before.

Build your own 3D printer

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3D printers are really cool, but did you know that it's relatively simple to make your own? Follow our how to build your own 3D printer guide to find out about all the tools you need to build your own printer.

Get better at taking photos

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If you're serious about improving your photography, then why not take some time this weekend to go through our 77 photography techniques, tips and tricks for taking pictures of anything.

This comprehensive guide is perfect for beginners and seasoned photographers alike, giving you great ideas and inspiration for improving your shots.

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