How to set up your Ring Video Doorbell (wireless)

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If you've just bought a new battery-powered Ring Video Doorbell (wireless), then you'll need to know how to set it up – which is why you may have found yourself here. This may also be useful information for those who may have moved house and need a reminder of how to set up their existing Ring doorbell. Either way, you'll find everything you need to know below.

Tools and Requirements

You'll need:

- Ring Video Doorbell (battery)
- Strong and reliable home Wi-Fi
- Smartphone (iOS or Android)
- Drill, plus small Phillips screwdriver 

Ring makes some of the best video doorbells you can currently buy. They are super easy to install, and using the Ring app, for setup as well as daily use, is a doddle. 

Unless you want to give your visitors a choice of doorbell to press when they pop round, you'll need to decommission your existing doorbell. A battery-powered Ring video doorbell is one of the easiest to install, although some may prefer a hard-wired  model. Do note, however, that the latter is likely to require a professional installation.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Ring Video Doorbell (wireless). 

The quick steps setup instructions are for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 (wireless). The installation process for other Ring video doorbells may differ, but the step-by-steps remain roughly the same for all the models in the product range.

Steps for how to set up Ring Video Doorbell (wireless)

  • Fully charge the battery
  • Download the Ring app and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Remove existing battery or wired doorbell
  • Use the mounting bracket as a template to mark where the drill holes are going, then carefully drill the holes
  • Secure the back of the doorbell with the supplied four screws
  • Slot in the battery and attach the faceplate

ring video doorbell on wall

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Step by step guide: How to set up your Ring Video Doorbell (wireless)

1. Unbox and prepare your kit

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Unbox your Ring Video Doorbell box. In the box you'll find everything you need to install your new video doorbell. Charge the Ring video doorbell before installing, so that once it's mounted outside your front door, you can use it straight away. 

  • Connect the charging cable to the Ring video doorbell
  • Find a plug with a USB port (not included) and connect this to the charging cable. Plug in to an electrical outlet
  • Wait for the orange charging light to disappear

2. Download the app

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The Ring app will guide you through the set-up process. Download the app from the App Store or the Google Play store and follow the on-screen instructions.

The app will open and start by asking you to scan a QR code using your device. This might be located underneath the faceplate.

3. Secure the doorbell to the wall

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Remove your existing battery or wired doorbell (unless you want multiple doorbells). 

Use the mounting bracket as a template to space out the four drill holes required – the best install height for a video doorbell is 4ft off the ground. Then, carefully drill the holes with a suitable drill bit for masonry or stucco. If installing onto wood, you can skip this step.

Secure the back of the doorbell using a small Phillips screwdriver and the four supplied screws.

4. Add the battery

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Slot the battery into the underside of the Ring video doorbell until you hear a "click".

You'll then want to attach the faceplate. Secure this with a small screw on the underside using the supplied tool. You'll want to keep this tool handy at all times for when you need to recharge your video doorbell, or change the faceplate for a different look.


Can I install the Ring doorbell myself?

Yes. Many video doorbells, including those by Ring, are designed for self-installation. If you're confident with wires, you can install a wired video doorbell by adding it to a circuit from your existing doorbell. Or, you can get an electrician to do this for you.

A battery-powered video doorbell is by far the easiest model to install by yourself.

Do you need anything for a Ring video doorbell?

The most important thing you need for a Ring video doorbell is a stable and strong home Wi-Fi connection. An existing Wi-Fi network is required for setup and use. All Ring devices are compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Final thoughts

A Ring video doorbell is a quick and easy way to monitor the entrance to your home. It's fantastic for surveillance 24/7, while also offering a means by which to communicate with the person who has just rung your doorbell.

The prospect of installation might seem daunting, but the Ring app walks you through the process clearly. If you have an existing doorbell then this can be useful for determining the correct height at which the doorbell should be fixed.

If you ever need to remove the video doorbell then the screws can be easily removed to free up the device. Just ensure that the faceplate is secured with the supplied small screw at all times so the device is only removed under your control.

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