How to save articles with Reading List in Safari for Mac

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Great articles are just a few clicks away on the Safari browser for Mac. Who has the time to read all of those articles, however? With the built-in 'Reading List' tool on Safari, you can save articles for viewing later. Better still, you can continue reading those articles across other Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad

Reading List on macOS Safari

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Using Reading List

In Safari, there are two ways to save an opened webpage article for later reading. First, you can hover over the left side of the 'Smart Search' field (where you'll see the website address), then click the 'One-Step Add' button. You can also click on the Share button at the top right of Safari, then choose 'Add the Reading List'. 

Additionally, you can save a linked page in the Reading List on Safari by going Shift + Click on the keyboard. 

To bring up your Reading List, go into the Safari app on your Mac, then click on the 'Sidebar' button at the top left. Choose the 'Reading List' tab, then click on your article below. 

If you're planning a trip with your Mac and won't have access to an internet connection, you can save Reading List articles for offline use. To do so, click on the 'Sidebar' button at the top left of Safari. Choose the 'Reading List' tab, then right-click and select 'Save Offline'. 

To delete read articles, right-click on the article in the 'Sidebar', then choose 'Remove Item'.

Other devices

Saved articles in Reading List also show on Apple devices signed into the same Apple ID. Changes made on one device (adding/removing content) also occurs on the others. 

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