Mozilla wants Pocket users to switch to Firefox accounts, which may not be a bad thing

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For years Pocket users have been able to get away with not having a Mozilla Firefox account despite the service being on its browser, but they'll soon have to make the switch.

Starting on July 11, 2023, all Pocket users will be prompted to create a Mozilla Firefox account, and it will become mandatory by August 15, 2023. But according to the official blog post, other than changing how you log in, this will not have any effect on your saved items. Also, if you’re a Pocket Premium subscriber, your subscription will not be affected by this move.

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Mozilla stated that this move is to ensure that all users will have Mozilla’s security benefits like two-factor authentication and Mozilla’s privacy policy. And if you log in using your Apple ID or Google login, then not only will you receive these benefits but your account will also be auto-migrated on July 11.

Mozilla’s apps will also be unaffected by the switch, not to mention Pocket will continue to be accessible on other web browsers, including the Pocket browser extension. So, in other words, you’ll have a much more secure browsing experience while maintaining your full breadth of services free of charge.

The full instructions on how to convert your Pocket account to a Mozilla Firefox account are below:

  • Beginning July 11, 2023, if you’re already logged in to Pocket, simply log out to be redirected to the Pocket Log In page.
  • Enter your email and click Next. If you haven’t already set up your Firefox account, you’ll be prompted with instructions. For Pocket users who log in via Apple ID or Google, please see *below.
  • Select Upgrade my account to proceed. (Note: If you select I’m not ready, you will be prompted to transition your account the next time you log in.)
  • Log into your Firefox account or create a new one.
  • You’ll then be redirected to your Pocket content.

Mozilla previously had been asking users to make the transition, Android Police stated, even setting the mandatory conversion date to June 30, 2022. But now it seems that the company has decided to take things more seriously.

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