Philips Hue lights are getting a big free update that'll fine-tune your setup

New Philips Hue Luster Bulb flooding room
(Image credit: Philips Hue)

Smart lighting brand Signify is currently working on a sizable update for its Philips Hue line, introducing new methods of controlling devices later this year.

First, the Philip Hue app will be getting a brightness balancer, giving people a way to tweak the "brightness of individual lights" instead of everything at once. That way you can lower the brightness on stronger lights more than weaker lights, for example. This level of fine-tuning is being developed to meet customer demand, many of whom, according to Signify, wanted better control of their in-house lighting “while watching a movie… or [when] gaming.” The balancer is set to release in Q3 2023 and will work with every light model connected to the Philip Hue Entertainment area on the official app.

In response to customer demand, Signify is increasing, from two to ten, the number of time slots for Philips Hue motion sensors. This’ll give users better control over when lights turn on as well as their brightness level. For example, you can have bright lights in the morning, softer lights in the evening,  and dim lighting for the night. Or you can have the lights “mimic the sun [passing] throughout the day” by selecting the Natural light scene. The new time slots will come to the Philips Hue Bridge via patch sometime during Q3 2023. Signify states this feature “will work on every [motion] sensor”. 

New additions

In addition to the upcoming features, Signify is updating some of its product lines. Everything you see here is currently available for purchase, but only if you live in the United Kingdom. 

The Philips Hue Luster E14 smart bulb is now available in a warm-to-cool white option (£29.99) plus a white and color ambiance model (£54.99). According to the company, these two bulbs offer “millions of shades of white and color light” for filling every nook and cranny of a home. Next, every shape and size of the Aurelle panel will be available in a black finish. Prices range from £144.99 for the smaller square panel up to £219.99 for the large rectangular light fixture. Rounding out the launch, the Philips Hue Surimu series is getting a couple more fixtures: a new round panel (£219.99) plus a square light (£209.99) that is said to be half the size of the current model.

It’s unknown if any of these lights will launch outside the UK. We reached out to Signify for more information. This story will be updated at a later time.

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