Make your own sodas and reduce plastic waste with these SodaStream holiday deals

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If you're looking for some last-minute deals for the holiday season, these Christmas sales can save you tons of money on great gifts for the kitchen.

Currently, the SodaStream Terra is on sale for $79.99 on Amazon, which is a nice $20 off the original asking price. While it's not the lowest price ever, it's pretty close to it and the perfect discount for a gift. 

Appliances are always useful, and the SodaStream machine not only lets you make delicious sodas and sparkling drinks at home but is also great for the environment since your plastic waste will drastically decrease.

There's also the SodaStream Terra bundle that's now $122.67 on Amazon, which offers double everything. It's the perfect package if you know your gift recipient will love it and want more or if you've been eyeing this SodaStream set yourself. 

If you want just the machine and the CO2 bottle, then there's an even cheaper white version for just $66.95. And you'll be able to purchase your own bubbly flavors instead of having to use the default one first.

These are some great deals on a handy machine for either a loved one or your own home, so make sure to get it now while it's still here.

Today's best SodaStream deals

SodaStream Terra:$99$79.99 on Amazon

SodaStream Terra: was $99 now $79.99 on Amazon
SodaStream has remained king of the soda and sparking drink machines for years now, and for good reason. It sports a simple yet sleek design, an easy-to-use interface, with tons of flavors and drinks you can make. There's even a cheaper white version for just $66.95 if you prefer to get your own flavor mixes.

SodaStream Terra bundle: $159.95$122.67 on Amazon

SodaStream Terra bundle: was $159.95 now $122.67 on Amazon
If you really want to invest in a SodaStream, there's this handy bundle that doubles nearly everything. And with it almost $40 off, investing is looking particularly tasty. Getting two bottles to use is particularly valuable, as those can be reused over and over, unlike the CO2 bottles and bubbly flavor drops.

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