You might be waiting a while to start wearing the Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring at the Unpacked 2024
The Samsung Galaxy Ring (Image credit: Samsung)

We got a surprise reveal for the Samsung Galaxy Ring at the big Unpacked event last month, though we didn't get much in the way of details. Now though, we have a slightly better idea of when this new device is actually going to go on sale.

Samsung exec Patrick Chomet had previously told TechRadar that the Galaxy Ring launch would be later this year, and Daniel Seung of Samsung Electronics has just gone on the record mentioning a full unveiling in the second half of 2024.

Well, that's according to SamMobile, anyway – the original LinkedIn post from Seung has now been removed, so we're guessing that Samsung wasn't actually ready to narrow down the Galaxy Ring on sale date to six specific months.

The post was clearly there at some point, so we can take it as a hint as to when you'll actually be able to get a Galaxy Ring, but it's also worth bearing in mind that production schedules are often fluid – Samsung itself might not have decided on a launch date yet.

The waiting game

Oura ring, app and charger

The Galaxy Ring means more competition for the Oura Ring (Image credit: Oura)

Last month, we were told that Samsung was "getting there" with the development of the wearable product, but that the company still had "a lot" to do in terms of finalizing the device for its debut. That suggests it's several months away, at least.

On the other hand, mentions of the Galaxy Ring have already started appearing in Samsung's own Good Lock app, so that makes us think that all the pieces are falling into place for the smart ring to actually go on sale.

There's still a lot we don't know about the specifications and functions of the device. It seems as though a select number of people have already had some time with it, and we're expecting a lightweight device available in multiple sizes and colors.

Samsung usually has an Unpacked event around the middle of the year, so that could well be when the Galaxy Ring launches fully – perhaps alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, the Galaxy Watch 7, and the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic.

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