The Samsung Galaxy Ring is reportedly very light and will come in multiple sizes and finishes

The Samsung Galaxy Ring at the Unpacked 2024
Behold, the Samsung Galaxy Ring (Image credit: Samsung)

Even though the Galaxy S24 phones dominated Samsung's Unpacked launch event last week, we were also intrigued by the brief reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Ring at the end of the show – and some more details about the upcoming wearable are now leaking out.

According to industry analyst Avi Greengart (via SamMobile), who claims to have had some hands-on time with the smart ring, it is "ridiculously light". It shouldn't be a problem keeping this device on your finger around the clock, it sounds like.

Greengart also says the Galaxy Ring is coming in "three finishes" and "sizes up to 13", which we're assuming is a reference to the US ring size measurement – an inside diameter of 0.874 inches or 22.20mm.

The wearable is coming "later this year" Greengart says, which we would've expected, but there was no word from this source on the price: that's still "TBD". It's quite possible Samsung still hasn't decided how much this new piece of hardware is going to cost to buy.

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Greengart goes on to say the ring is "aimed at tracking health, wellness, and sleep metrics", so this is very much a rival to existing smart rings such as the Oura. It sounds as though the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be able to track similar metrics to those logged by a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

These are some welcome extra details about the Galaxy Ring, because Samsung has told us very little so far. Samsung's Patrick Chomet did tell TechRadar that the hardware is "beautiful" and "ready" – but it won't actually be out until "a bit later in the year".

The smart money would be on the Samsung Galaxy Ring launching around July time, as per previous rumors. That would put it at the same unveiling as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, which would make sense.

We will of course bring you all the official announcements as they're made – and in the meantime keep you up to date with any tidbits of information that slip out about the latest new product category Samsung is taking on.

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