Samsung Galaxy Ring leak may have revealed its price – and a premium subscription

Samsung Galaxy Ring prototype
A Galaxy Ring prototype shown off in February (Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is officially coming soon, but there's still a lot we don't know about it – such as, for example, how much it's going to cost. Ahead of the smart ring's full unveiling, a new leak gives us another clue about potential pricing.

Seasoned tipster Yogesh Brar and Android Authority have done some digging with their sources and put the US price of the Galaxy Ring at $300-350 – that's about £235-275 or AU$450-525, though Samsung won't use a straight currency conversion.

Perhaps deliberately, that's roughly the same price you'll pay for a 3rd-gen Oura Ring too: that smart ring, which is currently the main competitor to Samsung's device, starts at $299 / £299 (the Oura Ring isn't sold directly in Australia).

The Oura Ring also has a subscription option for accessing more advanced features – yours for $5.99 / £5.99 a month. It gives you more detailed insights and analysis, blood oxygen sensing, and more, and according to Brar, Samsung has plans for a similar subscription.

Sign up, sign up

Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic smartwatches in different colors

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic – no subscription required (Image credit: Samsung)

It's perhaps not surprising that Samsung is looking to add an optional subscription to go alongside the Galaxy Ring – it's something that Apple does, and Google doesit too (via Fitbit). Tech companies know recurring subscriptions are where the money is.

Brar says the monthly cost would be less than $10, which is to be expected considering how much people are already paying out every month for their digital subscriptions. However, it's not certain that a subscription package will be launched.

There's currently no extra subscription required to use the health and fitness features on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, but that could change once the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 shows up – like the Galaxy Ring, it's expected to be unveiled on July 10.

We've already spent some hands-on time with a Galaxy Ring prototype, but this is the first rumor we've heard when it comes to pricing. Samsung will know its smart ring needs to be priced competitively – and we should find out the official cost of this device soon.

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