I made air fryer garlic bread and it's now my go-to side for all meals

Air fryer garlic bread cut into slices
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Whether you're looking for a quick starter, a tasty side, or just want an easy snack, this air fryer garlic bread recipe has it all. 

Not only does it contain relatively few calories, considering how indulgent it tastes, but it's also one of the cheapest, easiest and fastest recipes I've tried in all my time testing the best air fryers.   

There's also a strong chance you have the majority of the ingredients already in your larder and refrigerator. 

Below, I show you how easy it is to turn the humble tortilla wrap into oozy, melt-in-the-mouth garlic bread in five minutes. 

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Air fryer garlic bread recipe 

The air fryer garlic bread recipe I have followed is from Idris Doosi via his @doosifit TikTok channel. It's already been watched 1.4 million times and counting.


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Air fryer garlic bread ingredients 

The use of tortilla wraps and melted cheese makes this air fryer garlic bread closely resemble a quesadilla. This means that if you want to add meat, vegetables, or other ingredients to the first layer, you can elevate this recipe from a side dish to a full meal. 

  • 1 tbsp butter (or butter alternative)
  • 2 tortilla wraps
  • 2oz/56g mozzarella (or cheese alternative)
  • Garlic powder 
  • Herbs – the original recipe used Italian seasoning but I like using parsley 

air fryer garlic bread ingredients

(Image credit: Future / Victoria Woollaston)

Air fryer garlic bread method 

To make air fryer garlic bread you will need the following:

If you use low-carb tortillas and low-fat cheese, this recipe contains around 380 calories with 26g of protein. The macros will change, however, depending on the type of tortilla and cheese you choose. 

Step 1: Spread a tablespoon of butter over a tortilla wrap using either a knife or the back of a spoon to create a thin layer. 

putting butter on a wrap for air fryer garlic bread

(Image credit: Future / Victoria Woollaston)

Step 2: Sprinkle half the cheese over the buttered tortilla. 

Step 3: Top with half the garlic powder, and season with the herbs of your choice.  

Step 4: Place the second tortilla on top of the first and top with the remaining cheese, garlic powder, and herbs. 

Step 5: Set the air fryer to 375°F/195°C and cook the garlic bread for 5 minutes.

air fryer garlic bread in the air fryer

(Image credit: Future / Victoria Woollaston)

Step 6: Carefully remove the tortilla from the air fryer – we use a fish slice – and cut off any crispy edges using a pizza cutter or knife. 

Step 7: While the garlic bread is still warm, cut it into slices and serve. 

air fryer garlic bread cut into slices on a plate

(Image credit: Future / Victoria Woollaston)

Air fryer garlic bread verdict

I've tried cooking shop-bought garlic bread in the air fryer before and while it's always tasted fine, it's not given me the indulgent hit of cheese and garlic that all the best garlic breads tend to have. 

This homemade air fryer garlic bread recipe is the answer to my cheesy prayers. The different layers give it a bread-type texture while the butter helps keep everything moist. 

I hadn't expected this recipe to taste quite as good as it does, especially given the fact it contains so few calories and is a source of protein. 

It's definitely one of the more surprising foods to cook in an air fryer but I now make it every time I cook Italian food or have friends over and it always goes down a treat. 

air fryer garlic bread on a plate

(Image credit: Future / Victoria Woollaston)

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