Will I get any free gifts when I pre-order iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro deals?

iPhone 12 deals
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iPhone 12 deals might be Apple's pride and joy this year but the company isn't giving it the same treatment as last year's model. Yup, last year you could pick up a shiny new iPhone and get a free gift thrown in to sweeten the deal.

This year, it seems, the phone is such a jump forward in quality that it speaks for itself. As such Apple appears to have decided to ditch the free gift idea for the iPhone 12.

But there's more, or less, as appears to be the case this year – Apple isn't including much with the phone at all.

What comes with the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 this year actually goes a step further away from free gifts and doesn't even include some of the accessories that previous iPhone model had thrown in.

iPhone 12 fans won't get headphones or even a charger block in the box with their shiny new smartphone this year. As such you'll simply get a USB-C to Lightning cable thrown in. 

Perhaps Apple figures you'll already have a charger of some sort lying about, or you'll charge from a computer, and you might already own some wireless headphones. Either way it's clear that Apple wants to keep the handset price as low as possible by keeping costs down. Yet it's still expensive, we know.

Where can I get a free gift with my iPhone 12?

Apple might not be offering a free gift with the iPhone 12 but that doesn't mean other won't. Last year lots of retailers threw in deals to help attract iPhone fans.

In the UK, Sky Mobile has announced that it will offer its pre-order iPhone customers £30 off Apple AirPods and double data on all plans. Carphone Warehouse is throwing in £60 vouchers on Vodafone iPhone 12 contracts and £40 on iD Mobile offers, Mobiles.co.uk are offering free Airpods with certain offers and that's only a couple of the free gift promotions out there!

Check the main competitors below to see what they are all offering:

iPhone 12 deals on contract:

- Carphone Warehouse
- Mobiles.co.uk
Affordable Mobiles
Sky Mobile
Virgin Mobile

iPhone 12 deals SIM-free:
John Lewis
Amazon UK
Apple Store

And in the US, free gifts or unique incentives tend to be super popular. Buy one phone get a second free, get an iPhone 12 and receive a discount on AirPods or other similar promotions are highly likely.

However, like the UK, Apple is a no go on a free gift directly from the brand. Retailers to watch out for with free gifts in the US are:

What does the iPhone 12 offer?

The iPhone 12 itself perhaps doesn't need any extra gifts or gizmos as it is crammed full of new tech. There's a new design with that Ceramic Shell offering four times greater protection. It also means you get more OLED Super Retina XDR display in that 6.1-inch form.

On the back are dual 12MP cameras capable of shooting Dolby Vision Video. And, of course, it's all 5G connected for the best possible network speeds run off that new five nanometer A14 Bionic chipset.

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