Google Pixel 6a falls to just £299 in early Black Friday deal at the Google Store

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You can now score the excellent Google Pixel 6a for just £299 thanks to an early Black Friday deal at the official Google Store.

This early-bird Black Friday promotion, which knocks a full £100 off the usual rate, brings this excellent mid-range device down to its lowest price yet. You're getting a lot for your money here - and the chance to bag what's likely to be one of the best Black Friday phone deals on the market within this price range this year.

The Google Pixel 6a is essentially a stripped-down version of the excellent Google Pixel 6 flagship device from 2021. It's got the same speedy Tensor chip inside and overall design but with a few tweaks here and there. Primarily, the screen has been downgraded to a 60Hz refresh rate (from 90Hz) and has a plastic-backed shell rather than a glass back. These are fairly minor drawbacks, however, when you consider that the guts of the device are mostly the same as the more premium model.

The combination of a powerful chip, unique design, and excellent camera makes the Pixel 6a easily one of the most fully featured phones at this price point. In particular, the potential for camera wizardry provided by the Tensor chip - such as Magic Eraser - is something you'll struggle to find on rival mid-range devices.

Black Friday Google Pixel 6a deal

Google Pixel 6a:  £399  £299 at Google

Google Pixel 6a: was £399 now £299 at Google
The Google Pixel 6a is now at its lowest-ever price in the UK right now thanks to a hefty £100 price cut from the official vendor. If the upfront saving wasn't enough here, you can also supplement your discount even further by trading in an old device, getting up to £325 back via rebate. With a speedy Tensor chip, excellent camera, and eye-catching design, the Google Pixel 6a is an absolute steal at this price point.

On top of this saving, the official Google Store is also giving away a small 'thank you' gift for shopping its Black Friday deals from now until the 28th of November. There are no details on this gift at the top of the page, but once glance at the small print states that this is either a branded note with stickers or a small cardboard video game amplifier. A fairly minor gift, then, but one that's nice to have as a little bonus.

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