Casper's Black Friday sale is unexpectedly good – here are the best bargains

Casper mattress deal
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It's Black Friday, and you can't move for mattress sales. One of the best we've seen comes from Casper, where there's 25% off all the mattresses in the range (saving you a maximum of $800), and 30% off bedding and sleep accessories. The reason this is one the best Black Friday mattress deals we've seen is that Casper mattress sales aren't very common – the most notable price drops we've seen are discounts on closeout models, or 15% off current lines when you sign up to the Casper newsletter. 

Our pick of the bunch is the Casper Original Hybrid. This is essentially the bestselling original, with its three-zoned memory foam providing targeted support to keep your spine aligned as you snooze, but with an added layer of springs. Out of choice, we'd always opt for a hybrid mattress, as the springs tend to create a more responsive sleep surface that's easier to move around on compared to all-foam models, as well as allowing for air to move through the mattress and boosting breathability. The Original Hybrid is the best-rated of the Casper range – a browse through existing customer reviews suggest its a good choice for couples (thanks to strong motion isolation) and side sleepers (the slightly softer sleep surface gives space for the shoulders and hips to nestle in). 

However, if you want something cooling and have a bigger budget, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is a very strong recommendation. That one unlocks the maximum discount of $800 off. 

Whichever mattress you go for, you'll get a 100-night sleep trial you can use to make sure you get on with your choice, along with with free shipping and free returns if you do change your mind during the trial period. There's also a 10-year limited warranty. 

Casper Original Hybrid: was

Casper Original Hybrid: was $1,295 now from $971.25 at Casper
Best rated
- The top-rated model in the Casper lineup is the Original Hybrid, and delivers a slightly bouncier and more responsive sleep surface than the all-foam Original. The springs also allow air to move through the bed, helping it sleep cooler. 25% off drops a queen size to $1,271.25. You'll get free delivery, a 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

Wave Hybrid Snow: was

Wave Hybrid Snow: was $2,295 now from $1,835 at Casper
Maximum savings -
The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is Casper's most advanced mattress. You go for just the Wave Hybrid, but adds so-called 'Snow technology' to chill things right out. Apparently it'll keep you six degrees cooler than usual, making it a great choice if you struggle with overheating at night. For Black Friday there's 25% off, taking the price of a queen size down to $2,171.25.

Casper Nova Hybrid: was

Casper Nova Hybrid: was $1,795 now from $1,525 at Casper
Sitting between the Originals and the Waves is the Nova. It seven zones (rather than three), to keep you ideally aligned, with cushioning around your shoulders and firmer support around your lower back. This might be a good choice if you suffer from back pain. The queen size is now $1,721.25 with that 25% off for Black Friday. 

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